Board of Directors

Aimee Wilson, RN, MSN, CMSN, ACM

President Elect
Jennifer Hall, RN, MSN, CCM

Mary Kolski, RN, MSN, BSBA, ACM

Denise Booher, RN, MSN, ACM

Member at Large
Paul Lim, LSW, MBA, ACM

Member at Large
Kathy Hill, RN, MSN, ACM

Member at Large
Kim Halloran, RN, MSN, OCN

Member at Large
Ann Kostial, RN, MHA, ACM

Member at Large
Beth Anderson, BSN, RN, MBA, ACM

National Board Liaison
Maureen Zukauskas, MS, BSN, RN, ACM, CPHM

Membership Chair
Roseann DeGrazia, RN, BSN, M.Ed.

Fundraising Chair
Brenda Francioni Acri, BSN, RN, ACM

Education Chair
Pam Cupec, MS, RN, ONC, CRRN, ACM

Pam Andrews, RN, MSW, CCM

ACMA National Board President
Pam Foster

CAC Chair
Angie Roberson

Mentor Sub Committee Chair
Christy Whetsell

Chapter Website Administrator
Aimee Wilson

Western Pennsylvania  Annual Conference Links
November 18, 2017


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