Board of Directors

Nancy Loeffler, MHA, BSN, ACM, CCM

President Elect
Steve Lanman, LCSW, LCSW-C, ACM-SW

Lisa Katzman RN, BSN, ACM

Susan Shotter, MHA, BSN, ACM

Member at Large
Janice Crews, BSN, MBA, ACM

Member at Large
Paula Darradji, Rn, ACM-RN

Member at Large
Dana Rizzo, RN, BSN, ACM

National Board Liaison
Stacy Wright, LCSW, MSW, MHA, MBA

Nominating Chair
Pamela Andrews, RN MSW, MBA< CCM, ACM

Membership Chair
Pat Davis

Education Chair
MAry Ann O'Connor, BSN, MAOM, ACM-RN

Chapter Website Administrator
Nancy Loeffler

Virginia  Chapter Annual Conference Links
September 23, 2017


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