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In the Summer of 2008 ACMA created the Hospital Case Management Research Series - a monthly report series that examines research to search for correlations related to key issues in Hospital Case Management. The reports leverage data from ACMA's extensive research, and incorporate data from external sources, including outcomes data. Ultimately, the reports provide a new level of information to drive evidence-based case management.

Subscription to the Hospital Case Management Research Series is an automatic benefit of Organizational Membership - obtained by hospitals with 10 or more members (or systems with 35 or more). Organizational members receive all of the benefits of full membership, as well as discounted annual dues of $115 per member.

Whether you subscribe to the Research Series and gain memberships for your case management staff, or gain the Research Series through your organization's commitment to staff membership, your organization, case management department, and patients will benefit.

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Access a library of research

New Subscribers / Organizational Members receive access to the entire library of all past studies, as well as a subscription to future reports.

Vol. 2, Issue 9 Regional Profiles: Comparing Demographic, Health, Discharge & Case Management Characteristics - Part 2
Vol. 2, Issue 8 Regional Profiles: Comparing Demographic, Health, Discharge & Case Management Characteristics - Part 1
Vol. 2, Issue 7 Delayed Cases ALOS Occurrence Patterns
Vol. 2, Issue 6 Trends in Departmental Structure Service Settings.pdf
Vol. 2, Issue 5 Priority Review
Vol. 2, Issue 4 Case Management Staff Tenure & Starting Salary
Vol. 2, Issue 3 Case Management Budgets
Vol. 2, Issue 2 Functional Accountability
Vol. 2, Issue 1 Productivity Measurement - Part 2
Vol. 1, Issue 12 Productivity Measurement - Part 1
Vol. 1, Issue 11 Discharge Barriers - Part 2
Vol. 1, Issue 10 Discharge Barriers - Part 1
Vol. 1, Issue 9 Influence of Case Management Software
Vol. 1, Issue 8 Weekend Staffing Profile
Vol. 1, Issue 7 Average Length of Stay
Vol. 1, Issue 6 Salary and Caseload Interactions
Vol. 1, Issue 5 Effect of CM Functional Expansion
Vol. 1, Issue 4 Impact of Case Management and Social Work Integration
Vol. 1, Issue 3 Impact of Case Management Reporting Areas
Vol. 1, Issue 2 Case Management Involvement in Quality
Vol. 1, Issue 1 Benchmarking Avoidable Delays Identified by Case Management

Recognizing Project Partner Milliman Care Guidelines

Recognizing the importance of the Hospital Case Management Research Series, Milliman Care Guidelines, a leading developer of clinical guidelines and interactive software, partnered with ACMA on the project. This partnership allows ACMA to incorporate length of stay data - provided by Milliman - with data collected in ACMA's National Hospital Case Management Surveys and external sources. ACMA uses this combined dataset to produce the ACMA Hospital Case Management Research Series.

Milliman Care Guidelines produces annually-updated, evidence-based clinical guidelines that span the continuum of care, including chronic care management. From web-based applications, to interactive software producing real-time management reports, to handheld versions, Milliman Care GuidelinesĀ® software makes the current best evidence readily available for use at the point of care.